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This invitation is written by Haladhara Dasa. You might want to click on the images in order to enlarge them. Please click on the "seguir leyendo" texto at the bottm of this entry to read the whole invitation.


After personal research and experimentation with this composition program I became convinced about how important will be to share it. I saw promising possibilities of going in different creative directions at the same time, but being myself the only one working in that area at this time, made me to open this invitation, to any person who wish to know and develop this program.

A wonderful activity is to compose; with the employment of this program one can compose a work in its entirety, knowing just from the beginning where it will end (without eliminating the possibilities of surprises and unknown discoverings in the course of the compositional tasks, always manifested naturally) but this program permits that two or more composers can work inside the same composition, bringing elements of the big scale architecture and everything else in between down to the small scale. And without stylistic conflict.

My invitation consists in to inform about all the details of this program to those interested and to ask for their collaboration in one or two of these possible alternatives: that each person realizes its own individual composition, (I can bring counsel if you wants to) and the other is that at least with me (or you can select your own partner) to realize a team composition. Probably this second alternative will prove to be the better for those who are beginners and afterwards you can use it by yourselves.

A colleague asked me about what is the aesthetical need or anyother in compositional team work. Is true I can point that the aestehetic of mixing elements in big/small scale which come from persons with different sensibilities can be an area of interest, but that is not my motivation for compositional team work. Is very simple: as I composed several works using this program, everytime I became confronted with the same situation, that of ascertatining a vast, wide panorama, beautiful in its possibilities, impossible to reach with just two hands and with human time, very limited one. How many times I said to myself, “while I am writing this another person could be writing this other thing which is needed to do next for future combination and then go to the next level or stage of work; or that somebody could be checking the calculations recently done and hearing them to suggest some modifications”, etc...Sometimes I took a decision while I knew the other possibility was as good as the chosen one: “¿what will happen if another composer takes that choice and walks on this path?”. Certainly we´ll have 2 scores diverging at one point or in some cases from the beginning in spite of having the same basic WAVE program. Alterations in orchestration and/or textures and we´ll have two personalities, two different “brothers”. Many, many, many times this kind of questions and situations appeared to me in the course of the same composition: the option of compositional team work was a natural outcome.

Not to work on MY composition but to work on THE composition.

Finally, my personal approach to solve and develop some musical parameters were giving birth to more and more sound structures with the obvious need to be named, labeled somehow to be formalized and recorded in the dictionary which began to grow and is good to go from time to time. But if an-other composer-s is-are working with this program it will happen that his creative side will cristalize in new sound substructures (I called them wave-subprograms and constellation-subprograms), the dictionary will continue to grow (so the language becomes more sophisticated), the composer who arrives later will find a very rich body of words, concepts, structures, musical developments which ignite his/her imagination and not only will begin to compose but will provide the same way the previous ones were doing. This is the HYDRA project, the name taken from the mythical being of several heads.

A characteristic of this program is that just from the start, after some minutes of work and you have already the beginning and the end of the whole composition. This is called TOP-DOWN composition. That creates a great feeling of confidence in the composer. Like going travelling, you get out from your house, you have the ticket, gives to the pilot and he brings you to your destination. That´s the same with the WAVE-CONSTELLATION program.

No need to continue publicizing this product. All of you understood something I said about. Sincerily I hope to find some persons to work with.

Other matters, practical ones, like if they will be concerts, recordings, videos, lectures or any other external expressions can be talked about but after knowing the program and work on it personally. I am a composer and althought I made presentations, publicity, etc., this stage is a second one.

Hope to hear from any of you, soon. Thank you very much.


Haladhara Dasa


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