domingo, mayo 30, 2010

Cage: Dream (1948)

Del texto del video en YouTube:

Dream (1948) was written for piano, using the rhythmic structure of a dance by Merce Cunningham. The long, unaccompanied melody creates resonances in itself, like a soft and meditative mood reminiscent of Erik Satie's impressionistic music (a composer whose music retained a central place in Cage's aesthetic). The work foreshadows minimalism (like that of Philip Glass in the coming decades), creating a sense of curving, circular time, carrying the listener through organic and celestial landscapes.

Program Note by Justin R. Stolarik


Part of Dr. Stolarik's University of Texas at Austin DMA 2 Solo Percussion Recital, entitled "An Unconventional 20th Century Retrospective."

Thursday, November 15th, 2007 at 4:30pm in Bates Recital Hall.

My unconventional retrospective concept delivers a wide variety of musical styles of the twentieth-century -- one work from almost every decade. The pieces not originally composed for percussion have been included as a means to demonstrate the contributions by important composers of the century and to expose the listener to the versatility of percussion instruments.

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